Lessons are at my house, located near the US 60 and Higley Rd.


I welcome students ages 3 and up.


I start beginners with weekly 30 minute lessons, and they eventually move on to longer lessons as they advance.

Parents and students learn together

I teach my beginners the basics of playing the violin along with their parents during lessons. Everything is broken down into small, very do-able steps (yes, even if you’re not a musician!). 

Practice makes it easy!

Parents and students work together at home, repeating what they learned in the lesson to make it easier. They also listen to the Suzuki repertoire together, which develops the child's ear and prepares them for the music they will be playing. Practicing and listening together is not only a wonderful learning experience for you and your child; the time you spend working together will also strengthen your relationship. 

Suzuki Repertoire

One of the best parts of the Suzuki method is that students learn violin technique in the context of fun pieces of music, starting with the classic Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. By listening to the recordings, they learn these pieces by ear, and they love that they get to play “songs” instead of boring exercises.

Group Classes

My students attend group classes offered by the Valley of the Sun Suzuki Association. Group classes are once every few weeks, and my students love sharing what they’ve learned in their lessons with other kids. In addition to group classes, VSSA membership also includes recitals, group performance opportunities, and an annual workshop for Suzuki students throughout Arizona. See valleysuzuki.org for more information.


We have two recitals per year, where students get to show off their progress, and we all celebrate together.

Do students learn to read music?

Yes! Students start learning to read music after they have mastered the basics of playing the violin. Reading music is an essential skill for musicians, and while it is not introduced immediately in the Suzuki method, it is a priority in my teaching. 

Do parents need to learn to play the violin? 

No, but I will teach the parent basics like how to hold the bow and the violin, and how to help your child with these skills. These skills are very manageable for non-musicians, and I teach them to both you and your child and allow you to practice them during the lesson so you feel prepared to work on it together at home. (However, some parents get inspired to learn how to play the violin themselves, so if you are, go for it!)

How do we get started?

Contact me, I’d love to meet you and your child and have you see a lesson!